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Jay (aka @thegreatfowler) was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation* on January 14th, 2020. After spending nineteen days (19) in ICU/Hospital, cardiologist determined he must have had A-Fib for 5 years due to the severity. With an ejection fraction of only 10% (the amount of blood pumped out of a heart’s lower chambers each time it contracts), Jay was not expected to live. After discharging 45 pounds of toxic fluid during that initial visit, Jay has fought through homelessness, eviction and numerous ER/ICU/hospital stays

*Atrial fibrillation (Afib) is an irregular heart rhythm that begins in your heart’s upper chambers (atria). Symptoms include fatigue, heart palpitations, trouble breathing and dizziness.

If you would like to help Jay's 'quality of life', please consider the following links

But PLEASE ... do not do anything you can not do affordably




CASHAPP - $TheGreatFowler

VENMO - @JayFowlerOnline


(Note PayPal is not under my name, but I will get it)





(named best wrestling podcast ever)


07/16/24: EKG and blood work at home to see why I passed out last week


07/12/24: Passed out (3 hours) and hit head on floor


07/01/24: Hospital free June


6/12/24: NEW VENMO is @JayFowlerOnline


06/03/24: New medication - Levothyroxine 0.075mg (daily)


06/01/24: Hospital free May


05/19/24: Current medication:

Entrestio 24/26 mg tablet (2x daily), Carvedilol 6.25 mg tablet (2x daily), Farxiga 10 mg tablet (daily), Furosemide 40 mg tablet (daily), Xarelto 20 mg tablet (daily), Rosuvastatin 5mg (daily), Acetaminophen 500 mg tablet (two tablets as needed)

Plus vitamins


05/15/24: Diagnosed with hypothyroidism


05/01/24: Diagnosed with 3-6 months more pain due to surgery inflammation


04/26/24: My star-studded podcast from 2023, was named BEST WRESTLING PODCAST EVER


04/15/24: In hospital due to abdominal surgery complications




04/10/24: Home care. Recovering from TWO surgeries, plus heart issues


03/28/24: Released from hospital after TWO abdominal surgeries (4.5 hrs)

03/22/24: New GFM launched - HERE


03/22/24: Received full medical clearance for operation on March 27th

03/22/24: New lease is signed, so I have a home to have home care in.


02/27/24: Good News: Insurance approved home health care.

Bad News: I have deteriorated enough to get approved.


02/12/24: Surgery set for March 27th.

02/05/24: Met with surgeon regarding 8.5 inch hernia. Scheduling a pre-surgery physical then surgery


02/01/24: Another hospital visit due to chest pains


01/24/24: Passed out while getting mail and woke up in hospital and had to get an emergency electrical cardioversion (shock to heart).


01/14/24: Today is the 4th anniversary of when I first went to ICU and told to call my loved ones.

Also, landlord agreed to a new lease starting in April, so I do not have to move.


12/29/23: Hernia consultation scheduled for 02/05/24

12/10/23: Went to ER with cardiac arrest. Will be spending the next 3 weeks in bed resting (outside of medical appointments).

12/08/23: SSI is re-installed. Still not enough to survive off, but a lot closer.




09/20/23-10/13/23: Three recent BP spikes of over 200/140 


09/20/23-09/21/23: ER/Hospital stay


09/15/23-09/18/23: ER/ICU stay with shock procedure


08/01/23-08/23/23: Various procedures/operations/hospital visits

06/01/23 - 07/25/23: Another fundraiser fell through. Another ER visit and hospital and fundraising for another procedure.


05/01/23: A promised fundraiser was cancelled


02/01/23 - 04/30/23: Various hospital/ER visits

01/31/23: Almost passed after being unconscious for 11 hours after getting severe heart pains


01/16/23: Red tape with SSI/Disability holding up my only avenue of income


01/14/23: Celebrating three years since my dire diagnosis and first time (of many) ER/ICU visits


12/31/22: Day #10 of second viral infection, but it was a hospital free month

12/01/22: Day #14 of viral infection


11/04/22-11/09/22: 5 day hospital stay including ICU


10/15/22-10/19/22: 5 day hospital stay


09/08/22: After THREE hospital stays in 5 weeks ...

Fundraising to try to see heart specialist in Wayne NJ (3 hrs away) for Ubers and hotel

A CASHAPP is active - HERE

A VENMO is active - HERE


(Note PayPal is not under my name, but I will get it)


08/16/22 - 08/19/22: Another ICU stay begins/ends

08/10/22: After last hospital stay (cost) insurance now covers ENTRESTO


08/07/22: Heading to ER for another hospital stay


08/03/22: Found out that my insurance STILL will not cover the cost of ENTRESTO (the med I need to survive). Out of pocket cost is $500-1000 monthly (which I obviously do not have)


07/01/22-07/30/22: Various ER/Hospital/Specialist (across NJ) visits

06/04/22: SSI cutting off my disability - DETAILS HERE

05/05/22: Finished 4 day hospital stay in Galloway, NJ (lost consciousness for 4 hours)

04/30/22: Found out by mail that my only form of income is suspended (due to review). SSI is no longer paying me my ONLY source of income until a hearing/judgment on my case.


04/29/22: Brief ER stay

04/03/22: Back in hospital


02/28/22: Will be homeless on 04/01 unless money is raised.

01/24/22: Received and wearing Life Alert necklace

01/20/22: Released after two days in ICU

01/12/22: Involved in getting a .pdf card of gratitude to Kenny Omega

01/05/22: Wearing a heart monitor

01/01/22: HAPPY NEW YEAR
I made it another year!!!!

12/30/21: Left hospital after a 5 day stay


Week of 11/28-12/3 - Two ER/Hospital stays

11/14/21: ER visit and released

10/30/21: Still waiting on my October Disability check ... red tape BS

I have a PCP appt. on 11/9 and a Cardio appt. on 11/11.

Both will dictate what my life will be like moving forward

WEEK OF 10/4 - 10/9
Disability re-instated
Healthy enough to go to Philly (AEW) and AC (GCW)
Thanks to everyone that helped with travel, hotel, expenses

09/22/21-09/28/21: ER/ICU/Hospital stay

08/31/21: Email from PayPal refusing to release my funds is HERE

08/27/21: Signed myself out of ICU/Hospital so I can rest from home
with less stress

08/25/21: Returned to ICU

08/12/21: Released from hospital

08/10/21: Back in hospital due to financial stress

07/29/21: Four days in ICU

07/25/21: BPM is 135-148. Bags packed for ER

07/24/21: A CASHAPP is active

07/22/21: A VENMO is active

Looking for alternatives

(07/02/21): Released from hospital and on bed-rest after a heart
procedure (with minor complications)


(06/14/21): Plethora of test and heart procedure scheduled for June 28-30th.
It is at a hospital 3 hrs away due to specialist

(06/09/21): A fundraising update on Twitter

(04/27/21): 6 months from my dire diagnoses and headed into overtime!


(03/31/21): Health update - HERE

(03/17/21): Might be losing Medicare due to "donations" being
"income". Had to re-file
I am getting really sick (pun) of this

(03/11/21): Found housing for April 15th and beyond but I do not have
the money needed to secure the apartment...

(03/10/21): Still NO DISABILITY

(03/07/21): Two days in ICU (Shore Medical Center)

(02/14/21): Still NO DISABILITY
Feeling OK, but exhausted due to energy it takes to breath and have a
heart-beat (only 10% works)

(01/05/21): I am no longer getting help from social services
(food/cash) due to the donation help I received.
Sadly I was getting more in donations so I thank EVERYONE, but going
forward it will be tough

(12/29/20): Hospitalized/ER again, but this time nothing dire. Just

(12/17/20): Hospitalized/ER/ICU again, but this time due to Lactic Acidosis

Watch I get the approval a day before I pass

(12/07/20): Recorded a podcast that talks bout my situation, the
online wrestling community as well as many other topics

(10/28/20): After a long conversation with my cardiologist, it looks
like my end is a reality within 3-6 months ...

(10/19/20): After passing out on 10/12, I spent last seven days in
ICU/hospital (including my birthday)
Good news is I made it to another birthday.
Christmas is next milestone!

(10/04/20): Spent last three days in hospital due to breathing issues
and chest pains.
Current partial diagnoses: Asthma , Severe Pulmonary Arterial Systolic
Hypertension, Ischemic Hepatitis, Abdominal Hernia, Shortness Of
Breath, Atrial Fibrillation , Cad (nonobstructive), Cardiomyopathy,
Dilated, Nonischemic

(09/24/20): Adjusted meds and blanked out THREE TIMES. Back to former
usage (even though I am regressing)

(09/17/20): Now that I am situated. I am looking for:
1: A volunteer position with a charity (suicide prevention would be
great) where I can use my recent experience to help others.
2: A PT paid position where I can work from home on my computer

(09/15/20): Moved to Margate City, NJ on an 8-month winter lease.
Until I get approved for disability (fighting it) I have no idea how I
can afford anything, but ...

(09/06/20): Just spent 61hrs in hospital with head trauma.
No sign of concussion/whiplash, but I was "loopy" for several days and
must walk very slow the next week
On new pain med 'Tramadol'

(09/03/20): New med (Multaq) kicked my ass ..  almost literally.
I had severe stomach pains, violent diarrhea and fainted twice.
First faint had me crash into a heavy shelving unit and bruise and
scrape a whole  side of my face.
So procedures tomorrow are off because they wanted me on the new med to do it.

(09/01/20): Covid test and new meds start on 09/02.
5th and 6th Heart Procedures sched for 09/04

(08/29/20): Reaching out to charities/causes with the offer of using
my story as a way to help others.

Must go to court (whenever that is)

(08/16/20): Due to sub-standard living conditions and bipolar landlord
I am forced to move on 9/15.
Thankfully I found somewhere that will help lower my stress levels

(07/23/20): 5th heart procedure of 2020 is resched for September
Cardiac Ablation is the procedure.

(07/03/20): Billed $3k for last ambulance ride (4 miles) - LINK

(06/26/20): I was rushed by ambulance to hospital on 6/24/20 and
expected to have my 5th heart procedure of 2020, but the team and I
decided to wait a few weeks to get some levels in a better situation.

(06/17/20): Cardiologist appointment. Heart procedures did not stick,
so reversed back (as expected).
I have another cardio appt. on 6/25

I found out today that dying is not a disability and that I have to
get a Lawyer while I live in poverty the remaining 9 months of my

(06/09/20): Started regressing again, so it looks like the procedures
did not take. If I do not go to ER prior, I have an appointment on
Still fighting for Disability, Un-Employment and waiting/fighting for
my Stimulus check

(06/01/20): The two heart procedures I had today were successful.
I am still at 10% operational heart and still dire, but hopefully this
will stop my regression.

(05/16/20): Two heart procedures scheduled for 06/01/20

(05/09/20): Turned down by Disability
(the only way I can survive since I cannot work due to my health/heart)

(04/18/20): Still fighting over prescription cost

(04/08/20): After an ER visit, I was given 9-12 months

(03/24/20): Cardiologist letter on my behalf explaining my dire/life
threatening conditions (dated March 10th).

(03/19/20): Self-quarantined due to having all the COVID-19 symptoms

(03/09/20): Billed $33k for ONE of three hospital stays

(03/07/20): Social Services screwed me of at least TWO months of
assistance I was scheduled to receive

(03/01/20): On 1/14/20 I was rushed to hospital at 2am.
I was not able to breath and had chest/heart pain.
Within hours I had medical teams (yes plural) and found myself in ICU.
I was not expected to live
The next 19 days I was in hospital.
During that time I found I had A-Fib (Atrial fibrillation) and was
operating with only 10% of my heart
After various test/procedures I left hospital in same condition on
2/1/20 ... 10% heart functionality.
I lost 45 pounds of water weight (toxic fluid) within a week and that
was a life-saver
I was giving medication that made me breath and kept my heart from
getting worse ... MAINTAINING.
I cannot walk 1/4 mile without resting twice and any travel wipes me out.
But I want to state I am fighting the good fight.

Due to the health situation and being hospitalized I lost my income.
I also had my Medicaid denied due to a clerical error (nobody told me)
The hospital applied for emergency Medicaid for me (so they can get
paid) but I still yet to receive my actual personal Medicaid (end of
March/April is earliest)
I was lucky enough to get scripts from hospital and a one-time supply
from Walgreen through Medicaid.
Then ...
On 2/25, I was back in an ambulance headed to hospital due to what I
found was a viral infection.
Every cough ... every sneeze made my heart skip and caused heart/chest pain.
I had it 3 days prior but it got so bad I had to call an ambulance.
During that second stay, I found that every cough or sneeze could be
dire ... yes ... DEATH FROM SNEEZING was a possibility.
I was released on 2/28.

Now if that was not fun enough ...

In this time I find I can no longer get ANY meds through Medicaid and
my efforts for financial help from the State of New Jersey have been a
huge struggle to say the least.
I applied for things (financial help, disability, Medicaid) all
through February and received ZERO (so far).
Between the usual delays, mistakes, red-tape, etc I find myself
without meds and facing eviction on 3/15/20.

A Twitter friend suggested I reach out for help ... I HATE THIS
but it is me in survival mode.

There is a lot more I can go on with, but you get the idea.

I will be back in hospital by 3/10/20 due to running out of meds the day before.

I will be doing that weekly until assistance kicks in, but ...

I WILL BE EVICTED ON MARCH 15th first and have nowhere to recoup.

IF ... IF you can help without hurting your situation I thank you
If you cannot but wish me well I thank you
If you read this whole thing I thank you


In closing ... THANK YOU


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