A CASHAPP is active - HERE

A VENMO is active - HERE


(Note PayPal is not under my name, but I will get it)



06/04/22: SSI cutting off my disability - DETAILS HERE

05/05/22: Finished 4 day hospital stay in Galloway, NJ (lost consciousness for 4 hours)

04/30/22: Found out by mail that my only form of income is suspended (due to review). SSI is no longer paying me my ONLY source of income until a hearing/judgment on my case.


04/29/22: Brief ER stay

04/03/22: Back in hospital


02/28/22: Will be homeless on 04/01 unless money is raised.

01/24/22: Received and wearing Life Alert necklace

01/20/22: Released after two days in ICU

01/12/22: Involved in getting a .pdf card of gratitude to Kenny Omega

01/05/22: Wearing a heart monitor

01/01/22: HAPPY NEW YEAR
I made it another year!!!!

12/30/21: Left hospital after a 5 day stay


Week of 11/28-12/3 - Two ER/Hospital stays

11/14/21: ER visit and released

10/30/21: Still waiting on my October Disability check ... red tape BS

I have a PCP appt. on 11/9 and a Cardio appt. on 11/11.

Both will dictate what my life will be like moving forward

WEEK OF 10/4 - 10/9
Disability re-instated
Healthy enough to go to Philly (AEW) and AC (GCW)
Thanks to everyone that helped with travel, hotel, expenses

09/22/21-09/28/21: ER/ICU/Hospital stay

08/31/21: Email from PayPal refusing to release my funds is HERE

08/27/21: Signed myself out of ICU/Hospital so I can rest from home
with less stress

08/25/21: Returned to ICU

08/12/21: Released from hospital

08/10/21: Back in hospital due to financial stress

07/29/21: Four days in ICU

07/25/21: BPM is 135-148. Bags packed for ER

07/24/21: A CASHAPP is active

07/22/21: A VENMO is active

Looking for alternatives

(07/02/21): Released from hospital and on bed-rest after a heart
procedure (with minor complications)


(06/14/21): Plethora of test and heart procedure scheduled for June 28-30th.
It is at a hospital 3 hrs away due to specialist

(06/09/21): A fundraising update on Twitter

(04/27/21): 6 months from my dire diagnoses and headed into overtime!


(03/31/21): Health update - HERE

(03/17/21): Might be losing Medicare due to "donations" being
"income". Had to re-file
I am getting really sick (pun) of this

(03/11/21): Found housing for April 15th and beyond but I do not have
the money needed to secure the apartment...

(03/10/21): Still NO DISABILITY

(03/07/21): Two days in ICU (Shore Medical Center)

(02/14/21): Still NO DISABILITY
Feeling OK, but exhausted due to energy it takes to breath and have a
heart-beat (only 10% works)

(01/05/21): I am no longer getting help from social services
(food/cash) due to the donation help I received.
Sadly I was getting more in donations so I thank EVERYONE, but going
forward it will be tough

(12/29/20): Hospitalized/ER again, but this time nothing dire. Just

(12/17/20): Hospitalized/ER/ICU again, but this time due to Lactic Acidosis

Watch I get the approval a day before I pass

(12/07/20): Recorded a podcast that talks bout my situation, the
online wrestling community as well as many other topics

(10/28/20): After a long conversation with my cardiologist, it looks
like my end is a reality within 3-6 months ...

(10/19/20): After passing out on 10/12, I spent last seven days in
ICU/hospital (including my birthday)
Good news is I made it to another birthday.
Christmas is next milestone!

(10/04/20): Spent last three days in hospital due to breathing issues
and chest pains.
Current partial diagnoses: Asthma , Severe Pulmonary Arterial Systolic
Hypertension, Ischemic Hepatitis, Abdominal Hernia, Shortness Of
Breath, Atrial Fibrillation , Cad (nonobstructive), Cardiomyopathy,
Dilated, Nonischemic

(09/24/20): Adjusted meds and blanked out THREE TIMES. Back to former
usage (even though I am regressing)

(09/17/20): Now that I am situated. I am looking for:
1: A volunteer position with a charity (suicide prevention would be
great) where I can use my recent experience to help others.
2: A PT paid position where I can work from home on my computer

(09/15/20): Moved to Margate City, NJ on an 8-month winter lease.
Until I get approved for disability (fighting it) I have no idea how I
can afford anything, but ...

(09/06/20): Just spent 61hrs in hospital with head trauma.
No sign of concussion/whiplash, but I was "loopy" for several days and
must walk very slow the next week
On new pain med 'Tramadol'

(09/03/20): New med (Multaq) kicked my ass ..  almost literally.
I had severe stomach pains, violent diarrhea and fainted twice.
First faint had me crash into a heavy shelving unit and bruise and
scrape a whole  side of my face.
So procedures tomorrow are off because they wanted me on the new med to do it.

(09/01/20): Covid test and new meds start on 09/02.
5th and 6th Heart Procedures sched for 09/04

(08/29/20): Reaching out to charities/causes with the offer of using
my story as a way to help others.

Must go to court (whenever that is)

(08/16/20): Due to sub-standard living conditions and bipolar landlord
I am forced to move on 9/15.
Thankfully I found somewhere that will help lower my stress levels

(07/23/20): 5th heart procedure of 2020 is resched for September
Cardiac Ablation is the procedure.

(07/03/20): Billed $3k for last ambulance ride (4 miles) - LINK

(06/26/20): I was rushed by ambulance to hospital on 6/24/20 and
expected to have my 5th heart procedure of 2020, but the team and I
decided to wait a few weeks to get some levels in a better situation.

(06/17/20): Cardiologist appointment. Heart procedures did not stick,
so reversed back (as expected).
I have another cardio appt. on 6/25

I found out today that dying is not a disability and that I have to
get a Lawyer while I live in poverty the remaining 9 months of my

(06/09/20): Started regressing again, so it looks like the procedures
did not take. If I do not go to ER prior, I have an appointment on
Still fighting for Disability, Un-Employment and waiting/fighting for
my Stimulus check

(06/01/20): The two heart procedures I had today were successful.
I am still at 10% operational heart and still dire, but hopefully this
will stop my regression.

(05/16/20): Two heart procedures scheduled for 06/01/20

(05/09/20): Turned down by Disability
(the only way I can survive since I cannot work due to my health/heart)

(04/18/20): Still fighting over prescription cost

(04/08/20): After an ER visit, I was given 9-12 months

(03/24/20): Cardiologist letter on my behalf explaining my dire/life
threatening conditions (dated March 10th).

(03/19/20): Self-quarantined due to having all the COVID-19 symptoms

(03/09/20): Billed $33k for ONE of three hospital stays

(03/07/20): Social Services screwed me of at least TWO months of
assistance I was scheduled to receive

(03/01/20): On 1/14/20 I was rushed to hospital at 2am.
I was not able to breath and had chest/heart pain.
Within hours I had medical teams (yes plural) and found myself in ICU.
I was not expected to live
The next 19 days I was in hospital.
During that time I found I had A-Fib (Atrial fibrillation) and was
operating with only 10% of my heart
After various test/procedures I left hospital in same condition on
2/1/20 ... 10% heart functionality.
I lost 45 pounds of water weight (toxic fluid) within a week and that
was a life-saver
I was giving medication that made me breath and kept my heart from
getting worse ... MAINTAINING.
I cannot walk 1/4 mile without resting twice and any travel wipes me out.
But I want to state I am fighting the good fight.

Due to the health situation and being hospitalized I lost my income.
I also had my Medicaid denied due to a clerical error (nobody told me)
The hospital applied for emergency Medicaid for me (so they can get
paid) but I still yet to receive my actual personal Medicaid (end of
March/April is earliest)
I was lucky enough to get scripts from hospital and a one-time supply
from Walgreen through Medicaid.
Then ...
On 2/25, I was back in an ambulance headed to hospital due to what I
found was a viral infection.
Every cough ... every sneeze made my heart skip and caused heart/chest pain.
I had it 3 days prior but it got so bad I had to call an ambulance.
During that second stay, I found that every cough or sneeze could be
dire ... yes ... DEATH FROM SNEEZING was a possibility.
I was released on 2/28.

Now if that was not fun enough ...

In this time I find I can no longer get ANY meds through Medicaid and
my efforts for financial help from the State of New Jersey have been a
huge struggle to say the least.
I applied for things (financial help, disability, Medicaid) all
through February and received ZERO (so far).
Between the usual delays, mistakes, red-tape, etc I find myself
without meds and facing eviction on 3/15/20.

A Twitter friend suggested I reach out for help ... I HATE THIS
but it is me in survival mode.

There is a lot more I can go on with, but you get the idea.

I will be back in hospital by 3/10/20 due to running out of meds the day before.

I will be doing that weekly until assistance kicks in, but ...

I WILL BE EVICTED ON MARCH 15th first and have nowhere to recoup.

IF ... IF you can help without hurting your situation I thank you
If you cannot but wish me well I thank you
If you read this whole thing I thank you


In closing ... THANK YOU